pantelis klonaris
My art articulates a philosophy, which advocates innovating key systems that dictate society. Thus enabling increased efficiencies and improved quality of life for all. I believe that positive human development and global sustainability are dependent upon refining our current modality. The recurring themes in my compositions transport the viewer through time to collect pragmatic elements and symbols of universal synergy, innovative systems and human sustainability. They reflect and advocate a civilization where environmental and human synergy triumph over barbarism.

I integrate our planet’s environment, our current systems of commerce and other Complex Adaptive Systems into my art. Drawing upon my research, I strive to contextualize society’s current processes and paradigms in order to better understand the dominant factors that structure our society. This gives me a baseline for how these systems operate and determine their effect on the quality of our lives.

We live in an epoch of globalization and free markets where all facets of production are outsourced to the most efficient producer. I feel much of what dictates our daily activity is a function of commerce. Therefore the most efficient way to improve one’s quality of life is to improve their system of commerce. Unfortunately most systems of commercial enterprise have not been designed to include efficiency across societal factors.


Master of Fine Arts
School of Visual Arts 2013
Collaborated with an internationally celebrated faculty.

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Florida State University 2000
Interdisciplinary curriculum that encouraged communication
and conceptual expression vis-a-vis composition.